MyEggs NFT

My Eggs are a total of 555 unique digital collectibles programmatically generated using an open-source Python script. Myeggs used in a generative art project with custom on-chain and cryptographically secure provenance. Listed on Magic Eden!
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Our Roadmap

Q4 2021 ✅
The concept of 555 MyEggs starts to emerge. The founders bring together a team of a talented artist and developers to make the project alive.


Q1 2022 ✅

Developing rarity distribution and planning different attributes with a set percentage to include various rarities for future adopters. Release 555 MyEgg’s on the Solana blockchain. Date/Time will be mentioned accordingly on the website.

Q1 2022 ✅

List on all major marketplaces after launch so that all MyEggs adopters are able to trade in different Solana marketplaces. Targetted marketplaces: Magic Eden and Moonverse.

Q1 2022 ⏳

Out of 555 MyEggs NFT’s on the Solana Blockchain, 10 eggs will be given away to influencers for marketing purposes. 5 eggs will be kept aside for VIP’s as token of appreciation of their efforts in building the community

Stage 5
Q2 2022
25% of all royalties from trading fees will be sent to a mutual wallet. MyEgg’s holders will be able to vote to choose which cause they’d like to support.
Stage 6
Q2 2022

Starting game staking mechanism using the Star Atlas gaming build on the Solana ecosystem. Starting off with versus fighting games which allows players and spectators to bet SOL and win along the way. Beta version releases will only allow holders to setup a play to earn account giving them more opportunities in the future.

Stage 7
Q2 2022

3 Months down the line a roadmap update will be generated for MyEggs to safely return to their civilization. The developers with take the responsibility to ensure that every egg reaches it’s destination. Revision of plans along the way will bring more value to the initial holders of the project.

Stage 8
Q2 2022

Based on the community, we’ll be then introducing new avenues to holders in the Solana Metaverse. Giving them further more opportunities such as breading, gaming, token and betting options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When’s the drop?

Dropped and listed on Magic Eden! Get your Egg today! 🐣

Is MyEggs a generative art project?

Yes, formulating in an NFT Collectors P2E game.

What do I get when I buy MyEggs NFT?

Think of our NFT’s as keys or memberships to our universe. As a member of this universe, you will get access to community rewards and drops, ETH giveaways, exclusive NFT content, beta access to our game, and more.

Is MyEggs a game or a community?

It’s both. By owning a MyEggs NFT you get early bird perks!